World is out of balance, Every woman needs a Sisterhood

Coming out of semi-retirement after three years, I feel that the universe has thrown me into an exciting new adventure by teaching a master class for entrepreneur moms to embrace their feminine self.

I found my mind liking the rush but my body is screaming, “Slow down, WeiLi.”

I reminded myself, “I am grateful to all that I have and all that I am. There is no where to go. I have everything I need, right now, at this moment. ”

Tension in the body is a sign for me to listen. I used to ignore those signs in my body and kept on going. I know better now. When there is tension, it means some energy is stuck in my body. When energy is not in flow, disease could be manifesting.

That is the time for me to go backyard to connect with nature, appreciate all the beautiful flowers that Samuel planted for me, listen to the birds and let the warm breeze kiss my face.

When I need a quick reset, I close my eyes and in my mind listen to Thich Nhat Hanh’s gentle teaching: “Breathing in, I have arrived. Breath out, I am home.”

Yesterday I watched a video from a dear friend, a decade in the making. It showed his life, from 5-D to 3-D living. Our journeys have such similarities. We are both entrepreneurs, both super competitive, both had spiritual awakenings a few years ago, and took a spiritual sabbatical. Now we are both back into the fast paced start up mode. But just like him, this time it is different. This time I am fully aware as I am just having this earthly experience. I am constantly reminding myself that everything that I am experiencing is a spiritual practice of living in the present moment.

As an entrepreneur mom, there are so many responsibilities. Sometimes we play superheroes carrying everyone on our backs. But who is carrying us when we are down?

The sisterhood! That’s why I’m putting on a Master Class to share with you the 4 Keys To Embrace Your Feminine Self.

I can honestly say sisterhood transformed my life. The unconditional love that I have experienced in the sisterhood is a gift that I wish all women could experience. As the sisterhood is forever expanding, one thing that bonds all of us is the sisterly love. We’ve always got each other’s backs, and I’ve always got your back.

As our world is so out of balance right now, it is the sisterhood who inspires me and kept me going. Be the light, sisters.



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